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From the male public bathing area, you can see the garden over the glass, and the garden is a quaint building that surrounds the outdoor bath.
In addition, we have pleasant powder rooms and esthetic rooms for women customers.

Fountain quality and efficacy


6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Fountain quality

Sodium chloride fountain

Family open-air bath

There are 4 kinds of "Family open-air bath" in one corner of the hotel's courtyard, and each one has an outdoor bath with different interests such as "AJISAI", "SUMIRE", "KOSUMOSU", "KIKYO" .
Each of these names was decided by public offering when opening a family open-air bath.
*private open-air bath (50 minutes JPY 1,500 / tax not included)

Outlet temperature


Beauty corner "Shell"

We prepare six esthetics courses (Standard / Whitening / Acne / Lift Up / Moisture / Special) of content enhancement at the beauty corner "Shell"! In addition, we offer a "discount ticket" which can receive 10% discount service to customers who stayed. Since the esthetic room is a reservation system, please feel free to ask the front staff when using.

Hot Spring bath

  • Indoor bath for male

    Indoor bath for male

  • Open-air bath for male

    Open-air bath for male

  • Indoor bath for female

    Indoor bath for female

  • Open-air bath for female

    Open-air bath for female

Family open-air bath

  • Private open-air bath 'AJISAI'


  • Private open-air bath 'SUMIRE'


  • Private open-air bath 'KOSUMOSU'


  • Private open-air bath 'KIKYO'